[Heroku integration] Heroku session invalidation incident
Incident Report for Hasura
The following notice is in regards to Heroku integrations on Hasura Cloud.

Due to a recent security incident at Heroku (Please see https://status.heroku.com/incidents/2413 for further details), per their notice, all relevant account passwords have been reset and sessions have been invalidated. As a side effect, Hasura is currently unable to connect to these integrated Heroku accounts. Please follow the steps below in order to re-authenticate Hasura on Heroku:

1. Head to account connections on your Hasura Cloud dashboard (https://cloud.hasura.io/account-settings/connections)
2. Login to Heroku (you might have to reset password and login)

After these steps are executed, your service will resume operating. Please reach out to Hasura Support (support@hasura.io) for any further queries. Thank you.
Posted May 10, 2022 - 11:34 UTC